Top Five Reasons to Choose the Best CPA in Miami


Irs representation miami - Canner, Brody and Yan, LLC is a professional CPA firm which has been supplying top quality services for the people of Miami for generations. the CPAs at Canner, Brody and Yan, LLC practice four specific areas; tax planning and compliance, audit services with a certain focus on nonprofit services like condominium associations and pension programs, accounting and bookkeeping services, forensic accounting and litigation and support solutions. The

 Irs representation miami  - CPAs at Brody, Canner and Yan, LLC supply many services beyond just tax-planning and preparing. Listed below are the very best five reasons to select Brody, Canner and Yan, LLC for the taxrelated needs.

5. Condominium Audits: Florida law requires non-profit organizations and condominium associations to offer annual audit reports annually. For consortia creating over $400,000 annually, a full audit of the condominium association is essential. Associations making less than that want just an evaluation and compilation of receipts and costs. The whole procedure should be finalized within three or four months of the end of the fiscal year. Nonprofit organizations, both private and government-related, must file an annual audit report specifying all the cash received including all their expenses. A knowledgeable CPA can help with all that!

4. Bookkeeping & Accounting: Business people understand that accounting and bookkeeping are essential for keeping your firm out of the red. Bookkeeping is only recording all of the monetary transactions for the year so you got everything right where you need it. However, this isn't usually as easy as it may seem. In the event you make use of the single or double-entry strategy? Do you have a daybook for purchases, receipts, revenue and payments? Are you aware just how to prepare the income statement and balance sheet? A CPA can answer all of these inquiries and more!

3. IRS Representation: An IRS audit is everyone's poor dream. Most people begin to panic if they get the notice within the mail. When you're being audited, it is very beneficial to have the support of the skilled and dedicated cpa. Brody, canner & Yan, LLC provides clear, concise advice for every client in the middle of an IRS audit.

2. Tax Planning: Right tax planning ensures that everything is filed on time and error-free. Individuals who prepare their taxes themselves risk making a mistake and having the IRS come calling. The CPAs at Brody, Canner & Yan, LLC are capable tax professionals who pride themselves on being precise hundreds of the time. You can trust Brody, Canner & Yan, LLC for the best tax planning and preparation in Miami.

1. Experience: With more than 65 years of experience assisting the individuals of South Florida with all their tax needs, Brody, Canner and Yan, LLC is widely regarded as one the most effective CPA Firms in South Florida. Call now for a session! (305) 231-2150


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